Monday, October 15, 2007


The Bitter End

While I had always wanted to come to Italy for my externship, one of the reasons why I had considered going to New Zealand was because of the time of year I would be out here. August in Italy is very nice but I knew that towards the end, I would be going into the start of winter whereas if I were in NZ, it would be the reverse. It is now getting quite cold. In fact, at the start of this week, all the outdoor dining furniture was put away and the canopy that covered the larger outside dining area was taken down.

Back towards the end of September, early October when I started to feel Jack Frost creeping up on me, I had inquired about the radiators in our rooms...moreover, why the radiators in our rooms did not give any heat, and was told that usually the heat was not turned on until the beginning of November as Italy buys some of its electricity from France and that the government usually tries to wait until digits fall off before turning on the heat in early November. Well I guess we are lucky enough to be remote in that we have our own boiler and that the powers that be, namely Paolo the restaurant owner, decided it was cold enough to start it up. The first day he told us to make sure all windows were shut because the heat was on I got excited but it was not to be as nothing was coming through. Sunil spent at least an hour on my side of the house showing me how to open valves to let the air out so the radiators could fill with water but still nothing. Then the boiler blew up - but that's another post. After the repairs, and the technician came to make sure that all the radiators were filling up just fine, it is just my luck that the three heaters I need to work the most, the one in my room, the one in the bathroom and the one in the hallway between my room and the bathroom DO NOT WORK. I guess I'll be needing that 3rd down comforter.

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