Monday, January 30, 2006


The A Team

Today I spoke to Praveen, my admissions officer, who then turned me over to Jonathan, position unknown, but I suspect he is Praveen's superior to some extent as he asked me many of the same questions Praveen had at my interview with her. Jonathan then connected me back to Praveen who then turned me over to Trang, who is my student manager. She and I talked a little about a package she was sending then I asked if she were Vietnamese, which she was, and we chatted a little about muliple cultures. Lastly, Trang turned me over to Glen, my financial officer. Glen informed me of the way we were going to attack my financial responsibilities. Without any further questions on my part, I said goodbye and came off with a better understanding of what I was getting myself into.

BTW, it's single beds, no kitchen in the dorms although I get a little refrigerator, and it seems we are very much encouraged to take all our meals at the cafeteria.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Money makes the application go 'round

After two phone interviews and the online application completed to step 10, I was one step away from completing the application process for LCB...that one last step being the payment part. I was pretty sure I had the money bit down pat but when it came time to hit the "pay now" button, I hesitated. I had made a bunch of bill payments as well as some purchases and wasn't too sure if my payment of $65 would be declined. My admissions officer called a bunch of times and I made excuses as to why I hadn't completed Step 11. Finally, just days from payday she called again and I had to tell her that money was an issue and that in just a couple days I would have my payment submitted...I couldn't tell if she was disappointed or not. In any case, the payment was made in which I felt safe to email her and let her know my application fee was paid. I also let her know that I had a bunch of questions for her. Of which include:

Layout of the dorms
What furishings are included in the dorms
If beds are included, what size are the beds?
Is there internet hook-up available?
Laundry facilities?
Are there a kitchen in the dorms?
Pots & Pans?
Dishes & untensils?
What is the mailing address?
If I must use a post office box, how far away is the closest facility?
Health insurance?

Yeah I'm one of those ppl.

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