Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Moving out and on

I've got less than a week to move out of my flat and into my mom's house. I have not been progressing well in this. So far, I have moved: one metal shelf that I kept cookware and foodstuffs on and some of the food stuffs and cookware that I kept on it but not all, and the bar and bar chairs. In fact the whole bar isn't there. The glass top is still at the flat. In addition to my sloth, there is a refrigerator parked in front of my door in the hallway. I cannot move any large items, such as the bed or couch out unless the refrigerator is gone. I've asked the landlord time and time again to move it--even before I knew I was moving...It's frankly, unsightly. At the rate I'm going, it's gonna be shoving a lot of shit in garbage bags at the end.

I got my package last week. The brochure on the dorms is disappointing. I knew it was going to be small but not bunkbend small! The twin beds aren't at opposite ends of the room but on top of each other! None-the-less, I still think I'll be dorming it.

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