Tuesday, October 09, 2007


All by myself...

Today I got the news that Elisabetta, Paolo and the rest of them won't be able to come to Badia A Coltibuono to visit. Each having their individual careers, and with a travel time of 5 hours each way by car, it would be time to go home the moment they arrive. Instead, I will be visiting the city of Torino (Turin) after I've left Badia A Coltibuono. There is the porcini mushroom festival as well as the slow food festival. I can visit Venezia for a couple days while I am in Torino as well as Elisabetta's other family home in the mountains. I did plan on going to Paris with Jeremiah but his plans aren't solid as of yet and he might actually stay on until the end of November as his is a paying gig and mine is not.

I also got the chance to use one of the goodies that John sent me in the latest care package...the S & B Japanese curry. When I went back in for dinner service, I was told that we had no pasta - we use Barilla brand for family meal...the home made stuff is reserved for the guests of the restaurant. So I was asked to think up something for supper...S & B Curry! Turned out we didn't even have any chicken to add to the curry so it was strictly vegetarian with potatoes, carrots & onions. Francesco used the jasmine rice I had but instead of steaming it, did it up risotto style. It wasn't bad. John only sent me the spicy curry so I was afraid it might be troppo picante (too spicy) for the gang but it wasn't. Turned out the real problem was that it was too temperature hot. They aren't accustomed to eating food piping hot as I am. It was liked by all who tried it. Only Martina was not willing to give it a try...perhaps she can't take spicy...or she doesn't care much for curry.

It is a long drive from Torino to Tuscany. Will you have time to visit Rome as well, you really should as it is a trip of a lifetime and the night life is up your alley.
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