Friday, September 29, 2006


Health update

Being out here hasn't been easy on me healthwise. I had to give my health insurance on Guam because they didn't cover off island stays as long as I was going to be gone. I managed to pick up some insurance out here but it's not cheap. Apparently "student rate" health insurance doesn't apply in California. I chose to go with Blue Cross's or Shield's (I always forget which) TONIK program. I am in the "calculated risk taker" bracket which means while my monthly premium and co-pay is a bit higher than their "thrill-seeker" and "part-time daredevil" programs, but my deductible is lower. I'm sure there are other particulars but I don't know exactly what they are. My plan covers dental as well as up to $50 in eye exams. The one thing I DO know is that my plan doesn't cover they better cover birth control!

In addition to the massive amounts of moisturizer that never had to use on Guam, my overall health seems to be in decline. My weight is down due to all the walking but because I don't have a refrigerator large enough to hold reasonable amounts of fresh foods, I find myself eating a lot more canned foods and ramen type soups. At my age honey, my metabolism isn't gonna hold out much longer.

Recently, in the last week or so, my nose has started's not one of those mystery bleeds but more like there is a wound up in my left nostril. It bleeds and then I get a blood booger aka scab, then I have restricted breathing so I blow my nose and it bleeds again. Wheeee what a wonderful whirlwind I am on! I thought I might fix this situation by swabbing the sore with some hydogen peroxide but it didn't help much other than putting bubbles up my nose...and I still got blood boogers...and damn do they hurt! So I thought to pick up some triple antibiotic but because TA is ointment like and kept the area from drying out, my nose suddenly started bleeding in class. How elegant and noble of me to shove a tissue square up my nose so I could finish that poached salmon!

(to be continued...I have to get to class)

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