Monday, September 04, 2006



After we recived our equipment, I carefully laid it out on my bed and snapped a shot. What's not shown is the 5 sets of Jackets, pants, hats, neckerchiefs, aprons and sidetowels. I also received a pair of steel toed shoes, a rolling luggage which all the equipment came in, a knife bag which the knives came in and oh about 60 pounds of books.

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So are you going to explain what each thing is/does? Also, I'd like to see you kick something with the steel toed long as it's not a groin.
damn, gia. i'm just signing into your blog for the first time since you left to spread your wings...and you sure do have a helluva lot of doohickeys to work with out there! i'm with marvo though...kick somethin' with your steel-toed maybe the 'cocktail olive killer'!!
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