Sunday, January 29, 2006


Money makes the application go 'round

After two phone interviews and the online application completed to step 10, I was one step away from completing the application process for LCB...that one last step being the payment part. I was pretty sure I had the money bit down pat but when it came time to hit the "pay now" button, I hesitated. I had made a bunch of bill payments as well as some purchases and wasn't too sure if my payment of $65 would be declined. My admissions officer called a bunch of times and I made excuses as to why I hadn't completed Step 11. Finally, just days from payday she called again and I had to tell her that money was an issue and that in just a couple days I would have my payment submitted...I couldn't tell if she was disappointed or not. In any case, the payment was made in which I felt safe to email her and let her know my application fee was paid. I also let her know that I had a bunch of questions for her. Of which include:

Layout of the dorms
What furishings are included in the dorms
If beds are included, what size are the beds?
Is there internet hook-up available?
Laundry facilities?
Are there a kitchen in the dorms?
Pots & Pans?
Dishes & untensils?
What is the mailing address?
If I must use a post office box, how far away is the closest facility?
Health insurance?

Yeah I'm one of those ppl.

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